Don & Cerisse


It was indeed a “perfect day” for both Don Mauro and Cerisse Erica to be married in Sta. Monica Parish Mexico as both are devotees of the Patron saint. The Filipiniana theme captured the richness and beauty of Philippine culture. The bridal gown is a flamboyant fusion of Filipiniana motif with a touch of Victorian. Friends, relatives and guests are awed by the inherent charm and insatiable simplicity of the wedding settings and scenarios. Philippine culture, heritage and products are in mind as you can see from the prenuptial photos, invitations, souvenirs and reception. Truly, this wedding is a delightful feast of love, beauty, artistry and ingenuity.

Bridal gown: Mak Tumang
Groom suit: Glen Canlas
Entourage: Mak Tumang & Glen Canlas
Photography: Gibo Canlas
Videography: Nigel Ian Laxamana